A butterfly of a bike emerges from its chrysalis – 1963 classic fixie

Wrapped bicycle frameCrossed flad head badge Freddie Grubb FixieOne of the great frustrations from moving house has been embodied in a cardboard box, just one amongst so many. But an odd shape, long and flat.

It arrived a week before we moved and I allowed myself a single peek into the box before very reluctantly I packed it away.

So having unpacked everything domestic over the last two weeks I treated myself to a session in the shed and I carefully brought Freddie Grubb number 11773 into the light after its respray and refurbishment for its 50th birthday (and mine).

A thing of rare delight, a 1963 English steel track frame which has been in my first club, the Godric CC for its entire life. I acquired it in the 1970s and after a short racing career in grass track and rollers I mistreated it for almost 30 years.

But now as I gradually pulled the packaging away I broke into an irrepressible beaming smile.  This is my classic and I am really looking forward to the gradual build. Watch this space for more updates.

Freddie Grubb Fixie

Fixie 1963Frame number 11773

9 thoughts on “A butterfly of a bike emerges from its chrysalis – 1963 classic fixie

    • Given the number of people I know who would like to hang a classic period frame on the wall and just look at it I have to agree with you.

      I only know one person who got away with it, but his partner was also a mad keen cyclist too! His Maclean was over the fireplace in prime position.


  1. beautiful refurb! i recently acquired a Freddie grubb frame from my uncle, who bought it second hand in the mid 50’s – its in a very similar state to the bottom picture of yours (pre respray i assume)! i dont suppose you could disclose where/who you went to for the paint job? i would love to give mine a new lease of life, and the colour on yours is incredible!


    • Thanks. I used Mercian Cycles of Derby. I chose them because they have a good reputation with colour and with refurbs.

      They did a great job in the end but they were just like the other part of their reputation which is that they are a bit expensive and certainly very slow to get the job finished. Also everyone I know who has been to them ends up getting some extras done as part of the job. Maybe they are very good and see the faults other don’t, but it does mean the price goes up. I certainly paid more than the value of the frame but it has a very sentimental place in my heart.

      It would be your call – I had a Dawes respray done by Argos in Bristol which was much quicker and cheaper but much more of a struggle to get them to match original decals.

      Hope this helps, good luck with it. Let me know if you need more comments.


      • Thankyou! i will get in touch with both companies and see which can offer me the best deal – this frame is part of my family history so would rather spend the money.. within reason.. and the one request my uncle made was to preserve the decals (there is some fairly intricate pin-stripe-esque work on the top, down, and seat tube)

        having said that i am a student, and student budgets rarely stretch to this sort of investment!

        i will leave another comment with the result, thanks again!


        • I have some decal sources that I researched, you need to be quite precise to be authentic.

          If you go to my sales page and send me a message I can email you some links.



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