Still waiting for winter in Belgium

Photo by Kevin Mayne

After the warmest December on record in Belgium it is suggested that winter may just be coming. But it is taking it’s time. The news, web sites and social media shows snow reaching Scotland and minus 14 temperatures in Scandinavia, but we are still waking up to sharp sunshine lighting our weekend, even if the wind has a bit of a chill. The header photo at the top of the post could almost be summer from the sharpness of the light, but was taken on the 10th of January.

The birds don’t know it, they have burst into spring song this week, the sound is definitely up a few decibels. The cycling public of Belgium certainly doesn’t seem to know, or else everyone is getting just taking advantage, trying out new bikes that arrived for Christmas or trying to stick to New Year’s resolutions. The Foret de Soignes was absolutely buzzing today, from club groups to e-bikers, families and roadies trying out their cyclo-cross bikes.

If there were any seasonal signs today I would say they were Autumn, a fallen tree over a favourite path and the trails were extremely boggy from recent rainfall and busy use.

Photo by Kevin Mayne Photo by Kevin Mayne

Winter? What winter?

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  1. Yep similar here in the south of England. Been really warm for this time of year, just wet and windy instead! Looks like that’s about to change with this coming week though with a couple of sub zero mornings predicted.


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