I cycled lonely as a cloud – without much wandering

Copyright photo Kevin MayneThe lockdown measures in Belgium are gradually tightening. While cycling for health (on your own or with a family member) was generally ok, now the advice is very clear that it should be close to home.

On Friday I saw my first policeman giving a runner a severe dressing down for being in the wrong place, so I have decided now is time for a bit of creativity. For my Sunday ride today I decided to create a route not only within our commune, but actually just within our valley.

The steep sided valley of the Lasne is typical of this area of Belgium, attractive wooded slopes with open skies and an open plateau above. I spent an hour with the map this morning and I worked out that there are 22 side roads that climb the valley side with differing degrees of steepness and a wide variety of surfaces, including some really gnarly cobbles on a few.

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne

So on this cold but sunny spring morning I managed to go up 11 and down most of the rest with just a bit of overlap, leaving the possibility of reversing the route next week. It was beautiful and actually a joy to be close to home, including a few new roads that I hadn’t tried despite living here for 8 years now.

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne

Copyright photo Kevin MayneIt lifts the spirits in these times to be out, and it created a whole new interest to try and create a fun route close to home. It can be done.

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne

I do not despair!

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne

2 thoughts on “I cycled lonely as a cloud – without much wandering

  1. Thank you Kevin
    It sounds like an exciting and intricate route. We could have done something similar at Langeland. Here in Copenhagen there are no restrictions on cycling. Gitte ride on her e-bike and I cycle 20-25 km the mornings when the sun shines 🌞
    Jens Loft


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