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An occasionally updated page to bring together some of the resources and content mentioned in the rest of the blog and to give credit to some of the web sites I find fun or inspiring.

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11 thoughts on “Links & resources

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I am looking for a mountain bike club in Belgium (preferably in the southern or Dinant area) but am open minded about most of the country. Have been searching and came across your site. I live in London. You seem to have quite a lot of knowledge. I’ve pencilled in some possible time to get started in September. Any help would be appreciated.
    Joe Broughton


    • Thanks Joe.

      You have made me realise that I don;t have links to the various Belgian resources I use. It just so happens that I am browsing my copy of “Passion VTT”, the quarterly MTB magazine of Federation Francophone Belge de Cyclotourisme (FFBC).

      There is a lot going on, especially to the East of Dinant in the Ardennes but I couldn’t immediately see a club in Dinant when I had a look at the web site just now

      However it should be worth poking around the Trouvez un Club and Calendrier links until you see something that works for you. I have to travel 10km on a Sunday morning to get to my ride and it really isn’t a hassle.

      Good luck – and feel free to ask more questions.



      • Hello Kevin,
        Just gazing around my iPad,
        How’s your memory?
        GP here from Bungay Scouts.
        Nothing changes here,Dix,Sprog and myself still doing the business.
        Really good summer for canoeing every Friday.
        Pleased to see you good.
        Well done from us lot.

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  2. Hi, I too have visited the Glenkiln Sculptures by bike and was blown away by the King and Queen. I’m writing a dissertation on Henry Moore and would love to include your photo if I may. All my photos were destroyed by fire! Fab blog too!
    Maria x


    • Sounds horrible – photos destroyed by fire – oooh I must do my backups again this week.

      Please use the photo. A simple credit to the blog or the article as the source will be fine.

      Good luck with the dissertation.


  3. Hi Kevin, I am looking for a site that lists possible amateur cycling events in Belgium, not necessarily for amateur road racers and teams, but more for recreational cyclists, maybe couples or families. Something like the Gordel 100 km but in other cities. I did the Gordel a few times years ago, and I remember cycling a 60 km event in Mechelen too, but can’t seem to find anything similar. Got any ideas? Thanks. Denzil


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