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This site is not commercial but I need somewhere to put the occasional bits that I get rid of. It is not maintained regularly and currently (summer 2013) I hardly have time to maintain my bikes, let alone sort out bits for sale. However what is on the page is not sold and there are records of past sales for reference.

I also get occasional requests for use of my content (and I get very annoyed when I find my stuff uncredited in other blogs and social media) so this page has a contact form for requests to use my stuff. If you are a blogger, cyclist, campaigner, media person etc. I don’t normally say “No” but I would like to be credited and linked as the source. For commercial use – ask and we can discuss!

For sale

I have a cycling collection of my own that goes back 35 years, and I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of old kit from earlier years that must have come from my dad. including some classic British like GB and Williams. Its not scrubbed up to look beautiful like stuff on E-bay but I hope occasionally I can fill a gap in someone’s collection.

With the growing retro and classic bike scene I hope that some of it finds a good home or it might just end up in a skip. (At least that is what I have promised my wife.) If you like anything here and want to get in touch please use the form at the bottom and I will come back to you quickly, I don’t want to put phone and email address up on the web.

SOLD Rare small Harry Quinn with curved seat tube. (19 inch, 48cm , Irish Tricolour paint scheme) £350 ono.

SOLD: 20.5 inch/52cm Fougere lightweight 531 frame – British Classic Road frame £75 ono.

Campagnolo Record Clipless Pedals & Cleats – with original packaging – realistic offer gets

Shocked to discover that these are going on E-bay UK for about £125 and US for over $300! However mine are not quite complete, the bolts and washers to secure the cleats are not all there. The pedals themselves are only lightly used. So pleased to move them on quickly.

Lyotard platform pedal – just the right hand.

A bit worn and missing its end cap – good for spares or to match a lost one? £10 maybe?

Two pairs Time MID 77 hardly used. £25 each pair

1 pair with grey plastic finish, one pair metallic. Surfaces a bit scuffed. Cleats and mounts all here, the cleats are a bit worn.

Other pedals

Photos to come but quite a selection of Lyotard, Atom with Brooks toeclips etc.

Shoe plates/cleats – selection

Gaerne, Time and othersBottom row from left: SOLD 1 pairs 2 pairs Gaerne – new. £5: 1 metal plate low wear – £5; SOLD pair yellow plastic, possibly Time £5

Top row from left – Nail on black plastic – give away for postage only. Bolt on orange, give away for postage only. Metal mounting plates for bolted plate or SPD, converts traditional shoe to SPD £15; Black plastic pair – give away for postage only.

Williams 3 Pin Rings 46 T, 48T £10 each

SOLD  TA Chainrings and spiders 2 spiders,

Gear Mech Suntour ARX 1980s £20

Nice road mech, popular at the time, I raced on it – light and smooth action. Just predates indexing. Bit scuffed, but in good working condition.

Gear Mech Simplex Prestige. £15

The original plastic fantastic from the 1960s. A match to your French rebuild.

Assorted brakes, hoods, levers – GB, Weinmann etc. Full catalogue and individual photos coming – or make me a decent offer for the boxful.

I know it includes GB Sport, GB Courier, 10 pairs assorted Weinman brakes, original Carlton hoods

GB, Weinmann

I don’t know why I have got 2 Stronglight chainsets and spare spider – just have! £10 each?For sale Stronglight

SOLD Vittoria Road shoe size 10 circa 1980s £15 posted

SOLD: Gianni Motta Road Shoes Size 11

Please contact me via this form

3 thoughts on “Contact, photo permissions, sales etc

  1. Hello. I just noticed something about your green F. H. Grubb: Like mine, it has the Nervex lugs in combination with the later “crossed flags” badge. I am (currently) under the impression that Grubb switched from the earlier “muscular rider” badge and from Nervex lugs in 1964, when they featured Prugnat lugs and the new badge. My Grubb is a ’63 and when I bought the frame about 4 years ago, it had headtube rivet holes for BOTH the ealier an later Grubb badges. I went with the later badge because it was then available. Yours is the only other Grubb I have seen with Nervex and the later badge. Thanks for the great story on it.


    • Hi Paul, thanks for the message. Looking back I don’t know exactly how I concluded it was ’63 over ’64, but it is good to know yours might validate the date. It was never a big deal for me, it would have to be a ’61 to match my age!

      Main message is that I need to ride it more!


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