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Links to film clips that I like – except “Music to go cycling by” videos, which has its own page. Because these are favourites I just add to the bottom so I keep being reminded of some of the past greats as I scroll down!

My first video link – there can be only one:

There is a back story to this clip. When CTC published a link to the Danny Macaskill video it was one of the only times I got official complaints. Retired police officer Phil from Portsmouth is someone whose opinion I rate and company I enjoy, but he thought it was deeply irresponsible to promote it. We agreed to disagree!

The catchiest bike ride ever.

Cool latin lovers

Thanks to Kevin Hickman, CTC campaigner for the brilliant link below, its a few years old, but don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be cool and a cyclist after seeing this.

Facto Delafe y Las Flores Azules “Mar el poder del mar” from Jaume Montané on Vimeo

This one’s for Ben

Background in this post “Falling Off”

28th May 2012: Post containing two really good videos about descending:

Original post here May 28th 2012

The videos here: Bet you cannot watch both without some gasping


Corny but fun

Picked this one up on the Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign blog which they credit finding via Change Your Life Ride A Bike which is pretty cool too.

They said “My take on this pretty awesome video by American young designers Holstee.I don’t know, it’s corny and I bet I am going to get some sarcastic comments on this, but my bike is my freedom and to me it also marked some pretty big lifestyle changes. So there, enjoy!”

I totally agree

2nd September 2012

One of the highlights of the Eurobike cycle show was the release of this brilliant short film from Mario Cipollini’s bike brand.

Super Mario was at the show and attracted a bigger following than a lot of the current stars – and this video maintains his reputation as the sport’s best showman. Nice bikes too.

14th October 2012

Bike fan? Rubbish week? Need reminding that this isn’t all drugs & road danger? 3 reasons to be cheerful

4th January 2013 The Kingdom of Bicycles in video – flashback to an earlier China

The original post here

27th January 2012

Link to the post about the videos here

Two inspirational videos to get you riding.

28th February 2013 New Tour de France and Italian classics promo videos side by side

See the post here

As one blogger put it “goosebumps”

Bring on the season.

11th July 2013

I was at a meeting on Monday where the world wide lack of cycle parking was discussed.

A colleague who attended sent me these links. Well you have to laugh sometimes. Thanks Marcus.

15th September 2013

Two video compilations

In August I posted an item about “14 greatest cycling scenes in movies” which got a great response. From it I selected this one as my addition to the Video Library, although in truth there were several others I could have chosen.

Then today, 15th September I added a post about the the truly lovely Poem for Cyclists by David Byrne, singer with Talking Heads and bicycle advocate.

 November 2013

Thanks to my brother Trevor for the link to this YouTube.

26th June 2014

Beautiful time lapse video. Original post here

Audax Alpine Classic, a short film shot over four days and nights which captures in extraordinarily detailed time lapse photography the 2000 cyclists taking part. The riders in the 250km audax event look like miniature models as the stunning scenery looms above them.

Shed your monster – April 2015

Great video from People for Bikes – original post here

Another feel-good video – King of the World – May 2016

Maybe it should be in the music library too, but it feels almost like a documentary on how to feel good.

Original post here


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