Giro D’Italia more fun than the The Tour?

After last year’s brilliant Tour de France I really thought the event had got its mojo back – best in years.

But I have to say for consistent excitement the Giro organisers seem to come up with the goods regularly and the riders respond with attacking riding almost every day. Can’t wait for tomorrow, the event going in to the final time trial genuinely in the balance.

I loved stages like the day into Assisi, those short sharp uphill finishes into the old cities and towns make the race. I just can’t imagine the Tour de France going into a place where the streets are so narrow there was room for just one rider, rewarding the bold, but creating narrow margins that change almost daily.

And today – just a brilliant ride by the new Belgian star De Gendt over an astonishing course. I wish I could read the Flemish papers when I get back to Brussels, but I guess I’ll be able to pick it up from the headlines and pictures. Shame Cav has lost the red jersey by a point – lost it all on the day that he was brought down in the bunch.

Bring it on………..