Half a power cut – how is that possible?


Here’s a “life in Belgium” post about something that has me completely confused.

Tonight we have our second partial power cut.

This means that some lights go out, most, but not all of the plugs. But the lights that have gone off are not completely off, they are glowing intermittently.

Outside it is the same. One side of our street and the associated street lamps are in darkness for about a 100 metre length while the other side of the road appears untouched.

We are speculating that one of our neighbours is pulling such an enormous load off the grid they are draining all our juice, perhaps running a dope factory on overdrive because of the cold or drilling for oil under the cellar. I have a degree in physics which doesn’t make me an electrical engineer but I do know this isn’t normal.

Minus 7 tonight and the central heating is off too.

Answers on a postcard…………………