Two more brilliant cycling videos to inspire your year

I don’t have the time or the patience to spend much time following cycling links in other media. So I like to give credit when other bloggers or Tweeters turn up something good, I rely on them for all my film links.

Over at Cyclestuff Simon Nurse seems to have a never-ending source of cycling art and other material, his blog is well worth following. Thanks to one of his recent posts I discovered another of those jaw dropping mountain biking films where someone with a touch of vertigo like me just winces, but is drawn back to the screen like a moth to a flame.


And then at Charlie Bucket Cycles in Montreal Andybuk has posted a longer video of the Haute Route 2012, a multi-stage amateur race through the Alps, even including a time trial up Alpe D’Huez. Oh yes I’d love to do that but I guess that sort of fitness is a bit of a long way off. It is 45 minutes long so its one for a large mug of tea and maybe a second slice of cake after you have completed appropriate training!

4 thoughts on “Two more brilliant cycling videos to inspire your year

  1. Kind words Kevin (thanks). It’s funny you know; these vids seem to snowball. A few friends of mine are often adding to the videos I’ve spotted on Vimeo or Youtube.

    Right……time to set aside 45mins……. 🙂


  2. Both videos are fantastic, yet scary in their own regard. The MTB guys possess a level of skill that is acrobatic, and are fearless. The road cyclists possess an attitude that is less acrobatic, but just as fearless. It’s inspiring to look at their achievements and consider if I could ever do such a thing.


    • When I watch this sort of thing I can imagine a time when I was fit enough to try some of the spectacular road rides. Maybe one day again.

      But the MTB stuff is just way out of my league……ever!


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