When a bike is too good to be true, it is almost certainly not true

Replica Francesco Moser Hour Record Bike

I walked onto my host’s stand at the bike show I was visiting in Budapest this weekend and the hairs almost stood up on the back of my neck.

Right in front of their stall was one of the legendary bikes of cycle sport – the extraordinary bike ridden by Italian star Francesco Moser in 1988 to break the “the hour”, one of cycling’s most extreme records.To anybody immersed in cycle sport at the time this was the stuff of legends. It even had a photo indicating authenticity.

I couldn’t be true. I just couldn’t make out how this groundbreaking machine wasn’t in a museum or the collection of the man himself.

So I poked around on line over the weekend to see if I could authenticate the bike and I came across a fun new blog I haven’t seen before  – the Lo Pro Cycling Club, a site dedicated to the whole generation of aerodynamic bikes that became super fashionable in the racing scene of the 1980s.

I this great post the blog tells the story of how former professional track rider Kiss Ferenc from Hungary built a Moser replica for fun. I can only assume this is the beast.

The replica is a bit naughty, but what a designer – one of the bike companies should give him a job.

3 thoughts on “When a bike is too good to be true, it is almost certainly not true

  1. i liked the post on your blog, if you look at the photo of the original Moser frame it has a split seat tube, this is a replica of i think a spare that was made. his original is in the Moser museum and the other one seems to turn up at various events in Italy. also this replica has thicker tubing,and a slightly smaller front wheel. what i found amazing is that he found a tyre to fit the big wheel. Lowpro CC


    • Thanks for commenting, I’m glad I found your blog through this.

      Yes the tyre is one of the extraordinary features. It isn’t just a tub, it looks like it is less than 18mm width which means he is going to tiny detail.


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