The antidote to grumpiness – a video to make anyone smile

Thanks to social media like Twitter and Facebook wonderful gems come to the surface sometimes years after they are created.

My thanks to Cosain (The Community Road Safety Action & Information Network) in Galway who over the weekend retweeted a link to a 2013 music video from Dutch band Anthony’s Putsch.

It was spotted and blogged about in 2013 by Amsterdamize who said:

I’ve shown you Dutch music videos over the years that one way or the other featured bicycles. Forget those. What I’m presenting to you is something that captures the imagination a 1000x more than depth of field shots of hot/hip girls/guys, Amsterdam city contours or hipster alley cats. It embodies where BikeNL is born and catapulted into everyday life. This is what we build all this stuff for. Without it, we are nothing.

Give it credit. It is wet, windy and horrible in Belgium today. I am sure I am brewing a cold. All the preconditions for a burst of old man crotchetyness.

But I watched this and I can’t stop smiling. Make sure you stay with it right to the end!

For other cycling video moments to make you smile – that’s my video library page.

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