Watching the watchers

An aside from cycling for a little introduction to some of our neighbours here in Lasne.

I was in the garden with the old feller today taking some photos for another project when I realised that I was being watched.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

One of the fallow deer that regularly come to the garden from the neighbouring woods was keeping an eye on me. We see them all the time, they are semi-feral escapees from farms with a love of gardens because of the juicy tit-bits on offer.

Photo by Kevin MayneThey are a lovely ornament for the place, except that this year they have scoffed the beetroot as well as the lettuces and I have had to add protection to other plants and trees to avoid destruction!

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Anyway, they know this dog is a relatively harmless old boy who doesn’t give chase any more, but they like to keep him at a good distance and headed off out the corner of the garden into the woods. Or so we thought.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Because the silly buggers circulated round back to the house, and suddenly instead of us looking down from the house onto them, we were being watched carefully from above.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

We circled each other for a few more minutes and then went our separate ways but I certainly got the best deer photos I have had so far from this little interlude. Never a dull moment in a woodland garden!

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