What a difference a day makes

Wow. We needed this,

A proper glow in the sky for a bike ride this morning, above cold frosty ground.

It seemed so unlikely I had to keep a diary to prove that it was really happening.

7.45 am – out the door

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne8.45 am – magical glow

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne9.45am – looks like it is real, it has reached the valleys

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne

10.15 am – heading for home and I can really believe it.

Copyright photo Kevin MayneAnd of course there was a tune buzzing through my head.

Could have been “Here comes the sun”. Was almost “Morning has broken.” with the line “Morning has broken, like the first morning”

No, the tune that stuck today and would not dislodge despite the fierce competition was “What a difference a day makes”.

Because what an uplift this was. Perhaps my first bike ride in sunshine for nearly 2 months. It isn’t essential – but it sure does help.

2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. Lovely views and sun, lucky you! not so here,very dull ride to Harleston, Norfolk, quite eerie, no wind.


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