Taipei Cycle Show (2) – “madness motel”

I was going to add a post today about the start of the cycle show. But I just have to write about our hotel.

Ibis Hotel, Taipei

Ibis Hotel, Taipei

See anything odd?

Just your everyday anonymous square box. But the web site bills it as a “boutique hotel”. Well to my understanding that means a hotel with a bit of a twist, often a conversion from a previous use that gives it some interesting features.

Standard foyer, marble and plants, alright so far. But then some slightly complicated instructions about going through two doors and the room needing to be “opened up”.

To my astonishment on the 4th floor I stepped out of the lift area into something that looked like a 1970’s night club. Very dark, with some reflected neon lighting bouncing off a strange concrete stairwell, made up of a circular ramp.

To my left what appears to be a set of garage doors, the first of which was open with a door at the back, with my room number on it. And yes they are plastic fish hanging from the ceiling.

IBIS Hotel Taipei, garage room

IBIS Hotel Taipei, garage room

And then it hit me. I am in a multi-storey car park. This is the nuttiest motel I have ever seen. You can drive your car up the old access ramps and park it in your own private garage, in front of your room. Behind your personal garage, your room.

The room is nice enough in terms of decor, but I just can’t get over the fact that I’m sleeping in a car park. Actually the other odd thing is that none of the rooms are joined to the windows you see, they are either fakes, or shine on to service corridors. My room is truly sleeping in a concrete box, even if a well decorated concrete box. And apparently one target market is Chinese couples who come here for their wedding night. Not exactly my cup of tea.

Manfred Neun from ECF has come up with a solution of course, we need to get some bikes from the Cycle Show and park them outside to make a statement to the other customers. Or maybe not, let’s just celebrate the madness.