Sunrise to sunset in Lisbon – a gallery


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I recently made a flying visit to Lisbon, capital of Portugal. It was what is called a “technical visit”, where I went for two days to work with some walking experts to advise the city about some local projects. That … Continue reading

Cycling in Mallorca – lycra not required


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This is a gallery of images from a trip to Palma de Mallorca in late November 2016 where a multi-national group of ECF visitors was hosted by Biciutat de Mallorca, the local cycle campaigning group for the largest of the … Continue reading

Five years of “I do not despair” – revisiting our favourite posts


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On January 1st 2012 I published the first, tentative post on To celebrate my fifth anniversary I have gathered together a small collection of favourite posts. Firstly your top 5 – the posts that have gathered the most visitors,some … Continue reading

Serious playtime – bikes, bike share and smiling


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When I am doing speeches and presentations about cycling I am usually concentrating on the serious benefits and economic arguments for cycling. But I often get to remind my audiences that there is a little bit of magic about cycling, … Continue reading

Dockers, hipsters and cyclists – a different Kiev


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When I went to Kiev in 2012 my hosts at the Kiev Cyclists Association had an office in Podil, the Kiev lower city where I found an interesting and bustling urban centre close to the river Dnieper. However this time … Continue reading