Late Winter in Norway

I was going to post about spring today because I have had a really good week on the bike and yesterday was Milan San Remo day on the TV – La Primavera.

However Morten Kerr beat me to it this week when he sent round these stunning photos from Norway which I must share. 

But of course in Norway it is still “late winter” – recent heavy snow fall as well as signs of spring.

Subject: Late winter greetings

Cycling on a Norway fiord in late winter - Credit Morten Kerr

Cycling on a Norway fiord by M. Kerr

Good friends,

Winter has been mild and ”good” to us. Fortunately we managed to take a short bike trip on the ice covered fjord – and during our trip in the same area earlier today we saw the first blue anemone. In between we also saw the first sun rays on our mantel piece: from here on the sun will flood our living room.

Norway - first anemone of the year (M. Kerr)

Norway - first anemone of the year (M. Kerr)

Hope all is well with you all – and despite the heavy snow fall earlier in the week we know that spring is just around the corner (as we speak March 11).


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