Yippee – I’m off to Campagnolo

Bit quiet on the blog for the last week or so, lots brewing in the background.

And today it is is confirmed. On Monday I will be presenting in the Campagnolo presentation suite in Vicenza. The home of the finest brand of cycling componentry in history. The legend – uncountable numbers of Tour de France wins, Giro wins – just everything. Ridden by just about every cycling hero one can name.

Presenting or begging – not really sure, but I will be talking to Italian cycle industry head honchos about the need to spend money on cycling advocacy.

But inside stand by for slathering, drooling hero worship, bended knees at the alter of alloy. Got to keep it together Mayne.

OK so I will be meeting other bike companies and more from the trip to Italy will be posted, but for you bike fiends you know this is the one.