Earthquake in Bologna, 5.9 on the Richter scale…er, that would be here then!

4 am this morning I woke up to a weird experience.

It appeared that somehow in the night I had managed to turn on a vibro-massage feature in my hotel bed that I didn’t know I had. Given the running feature on this blog about dodgy hotels I was really willing to blame the fact I was in an overly pretentious design hotel that I got cheap for the weekend.

And it wasn’t the vino, I had a relatively early night in watching the football and sorting out photos for the blog.

It dawned on me somewhat slowly that this was possibly an earthquake, or just possibly something to follow the bomb in Brindisi yesterday.

I heard a bit of shouting in the corridor, and then I went back to sleep because it didn’t seem to come to much.

Bit of a shock to turn on the news and discover that the news is saying earthquake in Bologna, I was 20km from the epicentre of a 5.9 quake, 4 dead up in Ferrara where a factory collapsed and lots of old buildings damaged.

All seems extraordinarily matter of fact here in Bologna, I have wandered the streets of Bologna for a couple of hours, sipped an espresso in the square and the town is coming to life and filling the streets. No damage at all.

Very odd, it seems normal doesn’t come with this job.

Trust you are all well and having a boring Sunday!

Cafe in Bologna after earthquake

Just another Sunday in an earthquake zone?