Dawn bike ride in Vancouver

Sunrise - Waterfront, Vancouver

Yesterday’s early morning ride. Waterfront, Stanley Park and views from Lion’s Gate Bridge.

I happened to have a moment when I had to fill a short gap from the stage of our conference. I told the European delegates that if they didn’t use the fact they are all waking up at 5am to get down there at first light they would regret it. I hope there is a small convoy of Bixi bikes out there now even as I am typing. The light quality is brilliant. And for photographers I can say that the shot above did not use any filters or treatment – the diffraction effect just came naturally.

Bike parade round the city tonight. Should be god for lots of photos, although the conference talk is of how many delegates and locals are going to use it as a chance to protest about the compulsory helmet law.

And welcome to my new best friend – what $129 buys you from the bike recycling scheme at Ride On Again – just the job.

Coal Harbour

Sunrise - Waterfront, Vancouver - Houseboats on Coal Harbour

Vancouver Stanley Park Totem poles

From Lion's Gate Bridge Vancouver

My new best friend. Recycled bike on Lion's Gate Bridge Vancouver

2 thoughts on “Dawn bike ride in Vancouver

  1. most cities look good at sunrise, I normally try to arrange a ride in bike week starting at 5.15am, most people think I am mad (inc Adam C when I offered to lead one for the appcc this year). Gives you a idea of what cities could be like without motor vehicles. 5.45 now and a different world out there.
    hope velocity is good and worth the journey, having taken part in a good few previously they often bring out the best in the cities, apart from the usual main roads/underpasses that organisers seem to want to include. Easy logistics I guess.

    Off to watch TdF Wednesday, will start with breakfast by side of the road but late tea by time riders come through.


    • It started for me when I was a paper boy and I’ve liked the dawn ever since, anywhere in the world

      Enjoy the tour


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