#london2012 “I know I ‘cos I was there” – road cycling impressions

I have posted for first impressions and the fans.

There was actually some cycling going on amongst all this. As I said in my previous post I don’t have the equipment for proper sports photography, and frankly when the big stars were coming I was too into the racing to snap them.

But unlike most of the Olympic sports you really can get a sense of the athletes – the peletons flash by, the disk wheels roar in the time trials. What this does give in the photos is that sense of snatched image, the odd face picked out in the crowd. And of course we like everyone else watch the grand finale on the big screen. Disappointment of course on men’s road race day as we gradually realised that the Brits were not going to pull back the break, but of course made up for it in the rain at the women’s RR with Lizzie A. and Sir Bradley at the TT.

So here a just a few shots we picked up, myself on a camera and mobile phone, topped off with some of my brother’s images.

Mickleham Olympics

Mark Cavendish

Emma Pooley Box Hill

Emma Pooley leads again