#London2012 – this is the last on the Olympics – I promise!

Stratford, London

As we said goodnight to our fortnight of feelgood I am just popping up my final images from our day at the Olympic Park. 22 tickets applied for, nearly 3,000 pounds bid. Result 2 tickets, hundred quid only and they were for the athletics. Yeah!

(Anybody who says “track and field” can take themselves to the NBC web site for edited TV highlights in which brave Americans defeat an invisible enemy at sports that are clearly not fair because US didn’t get to write our own rules)

Silly things catch my eye.

Getting the details right before you join the rest of the fans heading out on the tube.

Double take at these Scottish public schoolboys on a daytrip.

Was this Olympic Stadium tested in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

And to finish some shots of the stadium – I only wish I could bottle the noise when it was full. Just brilliant. Thank you world for coming, we’ll miss you.

Olympic Stadium 2012

Olympic Flame

London 2012