I am just so over snow

I am just so over snow. Sorry if I am spoiled by comparison to some readers who are in Canada or eastern or northern Europe. But just at the beginning of the week there was a moment when I thought spring might be coming.

After a week without much ice and snow on the ground I was treating myself to a 3 hour road ride this morning. At last a chance to ride skinny tyres and a lightweight frame.

So I woke up to this. This was forecast as light flurries.Snow in Lasne

My wife is beginning to ask questions too. “I thought you promised me the weather here was just like the UK?” My response that it is snowing across the whole of northern Europe is beginning to come across as a bit lame. But Belgian colleagues are promising me this is a cold one this year.

My only chance is was to go back to the mountain bike. If the best bike riders in the world could not start the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne semi-classic today I am certainly not safe on these roads.

I mean I love mountain biking and there is a fantastic network of tracks round here. But time is up.Lasne Nature marked route

7 thoughts on “I am just so over snow

  1. The same has been happening here recently. At last there are some sun now, and it’s not raining or snowing. I’ve got a small test ride this morning and I am going to start my b2w tomorrow 🙂 At least until it’s raining/snowing again.

    By the way, Kevin, I’ve opened the positive cycling blog as you’ve advised last autumn! Although it’s in Ukrainian, you may look through some pictures. And there are something about you too 🙂 So, http://www.zvelosypedom.org


    • Hey that’s great! And thanks for the links, I still see quite a bit of traffic on my site from Ukraine so there seems to be an interest.

      Good luck with the blog. Google translate helps!


  2. My Mr. 13 is of the same opinion 🙂 he’s waiting to get his skateboard back on the streets! Me, I’m enjoying the snow still – February and March are the best months of winter!!!


    • Don’t think I could cope with Finnish winters.

      Having enough trouble with this one just 200km from home!


      • The worst part is the dark autumn preceeding winter. Well down south anyway …

        The best part: life goes on as normal, just with snow 😉


  3. Yep, this winter is getting a bit old now. And, yes, it has been unusually cold this year in Belgium, not that it serves as a consolation of any sort… I was lucky to have done a 90k ride on Saturday (popping in and out of terribly windy Netherlands) but was disappointed that K-B-K was cancelled yesterday.


    • Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. Delighted too that it led me to your blog, it looks like we have some themes in common.

      I look forward to comparing notes further on Belgian cycling life.


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