Man’s best friend makes it every rider for himself

One of the pleasures of being out in the snow today was to see the many wheel tracks in the snow that indicated that several local clubs must have taken to mountain bikes for the morning.

Club VTT BelgiqueThis provided my comedy sequence of the day.

I was perhaps 300 metres away across the fields from some farm buildings when I heard a commotion – dogs barking, people yelling. When I looked back I saw a nice compact group of about a dozen riders just heading towards the buildings. They ducked out of site briefly and I got out my camera hoping that I might get a good image of riders against the snow when they came out.

Instead there was a further commotion and two groups going absolutely flat out shot along the track with one man suspended in between. I clicked off a couple of shots rather in hope because it was clear the blowing snow and their determination to race away meant they would be rather hazy. It was only as I took the camera from my eye that I spotted a  further shape behind the final group which explained the split.VTT et chien Belgique












I have no idea how far the angry pooch followed them, but he was still going well when I lost them in the haze. Only doing his job I suppose, but I was awfully glad I had turned short of his territory. I don’t think I would have got away as quickly as the group I was watching and I would have been a much easier target.

3 thoughts on “Man’s best friend makes it every rider for himself

  1. In my neck of the woods we seem to have angry dogs or chasers every where I ride. Out in the country no one seems to worry about keeping their dogs fenced in or on chain so with trial and error I learn which ones to try and speed pass before they realize I’m in their area. I have a friend that rides with me occasionally and he is deathly afraid of dogs. He keeps me towards the dog side of the road to run cover for him. If he could bottle is energy when the dogs take chase he’d be a pro rider. 🙂


    • There are dogs everywhere here too and there are certainly some I wouldn’t want to mess with near to where I live but generally the hard looking guard dogs are fenced.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, you have a really cool blog yourself. Singletrackstateofmind is a great name.

      Jealous of the Moab trip. One day…….


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