Can anyone tell me how this is supposed to sell bikes?

At bike shows there are rules.

Fixies must be bling.Bringaexpo

Electric motors must crop up slightly unexpectedly.Electric MTB Bringaexpo Budapest

And somewhere there must be a lovely Bianchi in celeste blue.Bringaexpo Hungary

These are given.

The company will remain nameless for discretion’s sake, but I have to say this is the very first image as you walk through the door at the Bringaexpo today in Budapest. Another rule – at every show there must be one piece of marketing that makes you go “what were they thinking?” Bringaexpo Budapest

4 thoughts on “Can anyone tell me how this is supposed to sell bikes?

  1. Very strange advertisement. Not sure where they are going with the oranges and the plastic drop sheet as a cape. I guess it does make you remember the ad but not sure it’s in a good way. 🙂


    • All a bit Stepford Wives, he is really creepy when seen full size across an exhibition display.

      They have panels elsewhere on the stand with similar line ups of families and the inevitable model in lycra but this one is bizarre.


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