Martians attack and wipe out cycling population of Netherlands town

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I am assured by ECF board member Frans who delivered a Brompton by trailor to Almere station for me to use today that things are “quiet” because the whole of the Netherlands is on holiday or celebrating to welcome the coronation of the new King.

But it is all a bit scary – I even saw empty cycle parking at a station.

Do not despair gentle reader – here is what we expect – Dutch people being exceptionally normal on bikes on fantastic infrastructure. Enjoy.

AlmereFrans Van Schoot

4 thoughts on “Martians attack and wipe out cycling population of Netherlands town

  1. I don’t know where they’ve left their bikes, but the Almerians are invading Amsterdam today. A large proportion of them are in the Vondelpark across the canal from our apartment.


  2. Hi Kevin . first call to such an informative site. Just popped it to welcome HOME an old buddy home by email: broken hip in THAILAND (slicks in a forest at 82? ) I sent a W Golding essay 1963 to a friend with stroke,…with a Dutch wife we met about that time
    Always trying to give up the glass bit myself ..but.. just this once..I have been trying to get B to ride in -go to Nds even – life changing for me in 1960 ..
    It is nearly as peaceful here today Too many magpies this year though. We feel a little naked too, Birch saplings have had their 10yr? coppicing as you may see from GE..not looked lately
    myself. BW&R macrosmic


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