This one is for Andrea – “Crime and punishment”

Mrs Idonotdespair has a charming sister in Australia.

On Saturday they conversed by text about the error of my ways.

Placed in Salzburg, a UNESCO recognised world heritage site and centre of culture from Mozart to the Sound of Music (OK, stretching it a bit) I was able to use the power of the internet to guide us to the only Irish pub in town showing the British and Irish Lions rugby team playing against the Aussies.Murphy's Law, Irish pub Salzburg

Less a pub than a hobbit hole tunneled into the rocks behind a period facade Murphy’s Law was the perfect venue for the handful of hardened fans needing a fix.

From their positions thousands of miles apart the sisters agreed that the only appropriate punishment was that I would visit every stall at the riverside craft market without complaint. That’s a lot of stalls. Salzburg Riverside Craft market

I hardly call it fair. My brother-in-law watched three games of rugby that morning. But I guess he wasn’t in Salzburg at the time.

Did I mention we won. Worth every stall Andrea, I was good the whole time!

4 thoughts on “This one is for Andrea – “Crime and punishment”

  1. I thought the Lions would win comfortably, but it took a Kurtley Beale slip to get them across the line. Glad you were able to catch the thriller, even if you were supporting the wrong team.


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