17 days in Slovakia and Austria – lots to catch up on

Austria, Salzkammergut, Upper Austria
Salzburg AustriaTomorrow the nine hour train journey from Salzburg to Brussels will mark the transition from holiday back to reality. The hotel wi-fi has enabled me to download the dreaded emails and the Salzburg weather has turned foul in celebration.

If I count all the photos and stories that are bubbling round in my brain I could be posting for two months but I am sure some of it will fade, sometimes an idea that just seemed right at the time turns to mush when confronted with a keyboard.

However stand by for a sequence which will include the unexpectedly delightful Bratislava old town, deep immersion into the cycling frenzy of Velo-city Vienna and then a week’s relaxation by the beautiful Attersee in the Upper Austria (Oberosterreich) region. It is part of a great tourism area marketed as the Salzkammergut and thoroughly recommended.

A great time, loads of cycle chat and some lovely images to share. Now I just need another holiday to write it all up!

5 thoughts on “17 days in Slovakia and Austria – lots to catch up on

    • Nothing that everyone else doesn’t know on-line.

      Cavendish looks fantastic for green, British champs win was sensational.


      • I was in France last year in Provence and asked in a bike shop if that had any Cavendish jerseys.

        Lesson — he’s not so beloved in France 🙂


        • Big respect in Belgium, they love that he chose a Belgian team and he respects the traditions of the sport.

          French sprinters – hmm, even rarer than French contenders for the overall. Allez Tommy V again!


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