Cycle with flowers, you won’t regret it

Collecting a bunch of flowers on my way home from work today I discovered the only way I could carry them home was in the small rucksack I had in my saddlebag.

So drivers and pedestrians travelling near Rixensart this evening were slightly surprised to see a bunch of flowers carefully riding a bike. On closer observation they turned out to have a man underneath.

Cycling in Belgium

Interesting observation.

I got lots of eye contact. The men gave me the look they save for the village idiot.

However the women all smiled.

Clearly this only of interest to you single folks, for me it is entirely academic research into cycling cultures. Honest.

2 thoughts on “Cycle with flowers, you won’t regret it

  1. In the Netherlands flowers are carried across ones handlebars. Yours must be the wrong shape.



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