Blog posts I wish I had written – this time “14 best bike scenes in movies”

Why 14?

No idea. But Ross McG in the Metro has put together a 14 of the best this week because he heard about the possible Lance Armstrong movie coming soon.

I know it has been done before, but I really enjoyed his list.

I’m not to steal his thunder because all the Youtubes are up on the Metro site here but I’d like to prompt the debate. Somehow I want to add most of his clips to my video library.

Likes? Well his number 1 was one of the first clips I put in my cycling video library, so it has to be my winner too.

Jason Statham on a BMX bike was surprisingly fun even if I wouldn’t watch a Jason Statham movie if you paid me. I was more interested in considering who did the stunts – was it one of the top trials riders?

Strangest clip? “A Scanner Darkly” was a new one on me. Cartoon cluelessness about cycling channeled by Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr. What were they on?

And finally a special mention for a very special clip.

I do a lot of public speaking about cycling and I have a fond place in my repertoire for Stephen Spielberg. When you give someone a bicycle for the very first time you give them wings, you give them the nearest feeling to flight that many of us will ever have.

It takes a great storyteller to capture that. When I want to inspire an audience I remind them that the moment that Elliot takes flight on his bike in ET is the closest anyone has ever got to filming to the moment we first rode a bike. That is precious, that is the gift we bring to the world. We make people fly.

So that is the one clip I will play today.

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