How did I miss this at the time – David Byrne’s brilliant “Poem for Cyclists” (from 2011)

One of the joys of blogging and social media such as Twitter is the constant sharing. Little gets by the eagle eyes of the on line world, I am a bit of a newbie here so it is a complete delight when somebody comes up with a past gem that I didn’t see at the time rather than always chasing the new.

Last week I just happened to see a Tweet from journalist Carlton Reid who is always a good source and I couldn’t help but click.

Carton reidThe link took me to a 2011 Youtube which was apparently hand-filmed from the audience at the 2011 International Green Energy Economy Conference in Washington DC.

It is little wonder it is great, David Byrne’s book Bicycle Diaries is one of my very best cycling reads and a bit of an inspiration for this blog, he captures the feeling of cycling round cities so well. I have also had Talking Head’s “Once in a lifetime” on an old compilation CD that I carried round the world since 1986, so his music has been a companion too.

Play this full screen. relax. Breathe.

Doesn’t that feel better.

And it is the perfect follow up to the “14 best cycling movie clips” that I posted a few weeks ago. This filmed poem has an astonishing 45 cycling clips in just under 4 minutes. If I ever run a cycling quiz again I know where I am going to source my questions for the film round. I reckon I got between 10 and 15. Anybody out there want to claim a better score?

And of course it is now added to my Video Library of best cycling clips, which I do hope you have visited at some time.

Blog posts I wish I had written – this time “14 best bike scenes in movies”

Why 14?

No idea. But Ross McG in the Metro has put together a 14 of the best this week because he heard about the possible Lance Armstrong movie coming soon.

I know it has been done before, but I really enjoyed his list.

I’m not to steal his thunder because all the Youtubes are up on the Metro site here but I’d like to prompt the debate. Somehow I want to add most of his clips to my video library.

Likes? Well his number 1 was one of the first clips I put in my cycling video library, so it has to be my winner too.

Jason Statham on a BMX bike was surprisingly fun even if I wouldn’t watch a Jason Statham movie if you paid me. I was more interested in considering who did the stunts – was it one of the top trials riders?

Strangest clip? “A Scanner Darkly” was a new one on me. Cartoon cluelessness about cycling channeled by Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr. What were they on?

And finally a special mention for a very special clip.

I do a lot of public speaking about cycling and I have a fond place in my repertoire for Stephen Spielberg. When you give someone a bicycle for the very first time you give them wings, you give them the nearest feeling to flight that many of us will ever have.

It takes a great storyteller to capture that. When I want to inspire an audience I remind them that the moment that Elliot takes flight on his bike in ET is the closest anyone has ever got to filming to the moment we first rode a bike. That is precious, that is the gift we bring to the world. We make people fly.

So that is the one clip I will play today.