Music for cycling – Queen providing the sound track to a stormy Belgian commute

I haven’t had a “Music to Ride Bikes By” post for ages, I don’t seem to have had the muse.

However this morning was my first ride to work for the year, an hour and a half through the dark and the wind to get me into the pattern for the year. As I have written before the ride to work is my meditation so I was actually quite looking forward to having the time to sort my thoughts and prepare for the week ahead.

However in that completely weird way that “Music to Ride Bikes to” always happens a piece of music came from nowhere, took over my brain and excluded all other thoughts.

But why? Why do Freddie Mercury and Queen sing “I want to break free” for a whole 90 minutes. And the video was there too, the completely barking mad video that was Freddie at his most over the top, so out there that a lot of US TV channels banned it at the time. There is no thought in the world that stands a chance of competing with that.

I am a big Queen fan but I haven’t heard that song for ages so no idea why. It is however a good thumping riff for pedaling so it did help me keep the wheels going round so it can take its place in the record list. However I do hope it is gone tomorrow.

For previous music and the background to “Music to Ride Bikes By” click here.

NB – I now understand that a lot of my email readers don’t get any embedded video links because they are removed by virus checkers or email software, if I put them in posts I’ll try to make it clear so you can link back to the Blog to see the originals. Like now!

Over to you Freddie.

3 thoughts on “Music for cycling – Queen providing the sound track to a stormy Belgian commute

  1. By the way, what sort of front lights do you use on your dark commutes? Something you can recommend?


    • That almost sounds like a post in its own right.

      I know what I should be doing with my type of riding, that is a good quality hub dynamo. However each winter passes and I never quite get round to spending the money, despite knowing it is the right solution for a commuting/touring combination.

      So at present I use good quality LEDs, Cateye being my preferred brand for the front and anything that flashes on the back, minimum two.

      I have a personal dislike of cyclists who dazzle – so no halogen superbeams for me, although the dark of the woods and my recent crash have made me wonder a bit.


      • Strong lights tend to be quite expensive and, yes, I do mind the dazzling as well, so I don’t want to be the offender either. I stopped riding in the dark about a year ago because I felt uncomfortable with the low visibility after having a couple of near misses with pot holes or other obstacles. It wasn’t fun, so I stopped. Of course, daylight in winter is in short supply, so I’m back to thinking about cycling in the dark…


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