Learning to ride your bike at the park with Grandad. A rite of passage the world over

Day 1 of my annual trip to Taipei needs a bike ride to reorient myself and clear the jet lag. But of all the sights, smells and sounds of the ride my memory is captured by a little girl and her grandad, grabbing the space at the side of a small park to go through the rite of passage we have all shared.

Guided by a caring hand.

Photo Kevin Mayne Photo Kevin Mayne

Getting up after the fall.

Photo Kevin Mayne

And then she goes.

Photo Kevin Mayne

It is a truth the world over.  You never forget your first bike ride. She didn’t stop smiling, and neither have I since. In this busy city it was a quiet moment of joy to be shared.

6 thoughts on “Learning to ride your bike at the park with Grandad. A rite of passage the world over

  1. Aww, this is exactly how I learned to ride! Every Saturday afternoon my grandad would take me to the park with my bike. Heart-warming post, thanks for sharing


  2. A moment of shared grace, so simple, so lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us. I shall smile when it graciously pops into memory today.


  3. I was with my partner, Jack last year when we were both in Toronto and he was trying to find a bike as a gift for his first grandchild who was already 10 yrs. old but didn’t have his own bike. It was actually difficult to find a bike to fit the boy…

    But got one and helped boy ride a bike for first time.


    • I believe that giving someone their first bike ride is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

      So pleased for you both, that sort of thing remains in the memory.


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