Flat tyre frustration cannot diminish the beauty of Gippsland

Photo Kevin Mayne Photo Kevin Mayne

Another of my short gallery posts from Australia, this time leaving Melbourne to visit Fish Creek, two hours south-east from central Melbourne in the farming region of South Gippsland.

This could so easily have been a cycling post. Having arrived at our host’s house I was offered the use of an unused mountain bike buried in the garage. I got really excited at the prospect of a possible morning ride in the clear, cold, early winter air because the scenery was stunning, just a short distance from the national park at Wilson’s Promontory.

Unfortunately the rear inner tube decided that holding air was no longer part of its job description having been happily retired for several years. With the nearest store at least 8km away the idea had to be dropped so I treated myself to a walk along the ridge road above Fish Creek.

The light was brilliant, it not only highlighted the landscape it also brought out the beauty on the gum trees which can have such exotic shape and structures. From a distance the grey-green leaves of the eucalyptus can blur into anonymous shades but close up they are striking.

Not cycling could not take away the pleasure of this lovely spoPhoto Kevin Maynet.

Photo Kevin Mayne Photo Kevin MayneBeautiful tree GippslandPhoto Kevin Mayne

2 thoughts on “Flat tyre frustration cannot diminish the beauty of Gippsland

  1. The Great Vic Bike Ride took us through Gippsland a few years ago, Kevin. Lovely country and a great cycling route too – if you have someone to show you the quiet roads. Glad you’re enjoying it.


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