Cold beauty for the 2017 New Year’s Day ride

Photo by Kevin Mayne Photo by Kevin MayneEach year my New Year’s Day ride has a slightly different character and this year it was the result of three days of freezing fogs in the Brabant Wallon countryside in the centre of Belgium.

No doubt that the mountain bike was my machine of choice today, I had no wish to be on the roads and the landscape of Lasne was beautiful under its white coat.

Photo by Kevin Mayne Photo by Kevin Mayne

The mist has been hanging about all day and not quite burning off, so at night temperatures down to minus 5 have frozen the water droplets onto the trees and the open ground creating a monochrome landscape of whites and greys.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Only the beech leaves provided an orange and brown carpet where they had been sheltered beneath the icy branches.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Outstanding start to the year.

8 thoughts on “Cold beauty for the 2017 New Year’s Day ride

    • Thanks – choosing the mountain bike for these days. Has been rough en route to work on the roads and tracks this week



  1. Happy new year Kevin! Unsurprisingly DfT has lost all momentum on cycling with the current Daily Mail government but leisure and sports cycling just keeps bounding along. i got overtaken by an old bloke in jeans and an anorak on one of the ‘classic’ Yorkshire climbs on a frosty and sunny new years eve – went past me on his sit up and beg e-bike with a big grin on his face. After the initial shock I thought how brilliant that people can just jump on a bike and head into the wilds of the Pennines like that!


    • I should say something smart about “welcome to Europe” where the e-bike is just part of the cycling landscape, not a novelty.

      EU regulations made the revolution possible – so probably fall apart in the UK.

      Happy New Year for you I hope!


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