Almost spring? Time for some cycle touring

Photo by Kevin MayneAs I sat here this afternoon looking out at the driving cold rain and huddling a bit closer to the fire it was hard to imagine that just a few hours earlier I was feeling spring in the air.

The first weekend of March is the ceremonial turning of the seasons for our cycle touring club here in Wallonia, this is when our annual calendar of Sunday rides kicks off and many people who have not ridden much in the winter come out to play.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

And we were welcomed by a sharp sunlight that gave everyone a colourful glow, encouraging 50 riders to turn out for a brisk spin around the local roads. For me it was a great catch up, because of other pressures I have hardly ridden with the group for a nearly a year and it was so nice just to follow wheels and blend with the movement.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Clearly not quite spring because the trees have yet to bud and the grass lacks that emerald intensity of spring growth, but it was fun to imagine, just for a morning.Photo by Kevin Mayne

Photo by Kevin Mayne

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