Eurobike 2017 gallery – or the storm and the calm

Kevin MayneIt has been one long, intensive and ultimately very satisfying week at the global cycling show Eurobike in Germany.

Podiums, politics, presentations, workshops, rides – we increased our programme again this year and got great feedback from the bicycle industry companies we work with. All of that is covered as news on the ECF web site here.

Which leaves me just settling down with a gallery of my impressions, most of which seem to involve crowds – either trying to get through them or talking to audiences. There never seemed to be a moment when I didn’t have another appointment at the other end of the expo and a battle up and down the walkways of the Messe.

Which makes the quiet moments in the mornings and evenings all the better, especially when we got out just before the two day deluge that hit the region on Thursday and Friday. Thank the lucky stars it wasn’t like that for our VIP ride on Wednesday.

Finally there is something entirely satisfying about leaving Friedrichshafen by boat, to sail away across the Bodensee (Lake Constance), it creates a much needed physical and emotional opportunity to change down into a lower gear and let the intensity fade.

Photo Kevin Mayne

Ah, that’s better.