Overnight in Metz – impressed

Photo by Kevin MayneIdonotdespair is off on holiday – to the south of France for some sunshine, food (and maybe just a little bit of cycling).

En route we broke our journey at Metz, a city I had heard of but might have struggled to place on a map if it were not for the fact we were travelling down the Eastern side of France and need a spot to stay. Put that down to British incompetence in European geography, and as a mistake!

Photo by Kevin Mayne

We were very impressed, the historic city centre was a delight. The majestic architecture straddles numerous waterways which are fed by the Moselle River and the city centre is highly restricted for cars so the cobbled streets and old buildings have a nice atmosphere, in the evening and when searching for a petit dejeuner to set us up for the long haul south.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Sorry we haven’t visited before Metz – now we can recommend you!

Photo by Kevin Mayne

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  1. You’ve choses a good time to go, given all the wind and rain we’ve got back here in Brussels. Hope you manage to stay more or less ahead of it. Sounds a fabulous trip to be making.

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