Spring comes to Belgium – sort of…..

The Belgian media has got all enthusiastic about cycling this week because this weekend is the start of the Belgian cycle racing season, a time for grim faced strong men (and increasingly women) batter their way around country sampling rain, mud, cobbles, treacherous head winds and quite often the whole lot combined in short, sharp climbs.

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne

That’s the “Spring Classics” to cycle racing fans.

I have written almost every year since I arrived here that it is also the kick off for organised group riding for the amateur cycle tourists that make up the local cycling clubs. Some clubs keep going all year round, but while mine has an informal winter group it is the first weekend of March when we all come together for a first turn of the year.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Or not …..

This was today’s scene.

Coyright photo Kevin Mayne

Other years we have been 50-75 on the first day.

Actually this is a return to a “proper” spring, because the weather we have had for the last four weeks could never be considered February weather, a huge worry for anyone who cares about climate change. (and gardens)

So I kind of hope that we will take our turn in the rain and the winds for a few weeks, but maybe it could rain in the week and take a break on Sundays? I could do with a few more wheels to follow.

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