Not Alone

I am managing to bike to work most days, despite being in lockdown for nearly 3 weeks. About an hour, round the lanes and back to the home desk, recharged.

Restrictions have got tighter, now we can only ride for an hour and should stay close to home. And definitely no riding with anyone else except family.

However due to some glorious spring sunshine I have rarely been alone. He is really awful at social distancing, but he is a very, very good listener.

Copyright photo Kevin Mayne

2 thoughts on “Not Alone

  1. Hey mate, superb as always! Love the bit about being a good listener; am glad that it’s not just me talking to himself …

    Working at home too, of course, and shall take up your idea of riding to work. I have actually convinced myself that what is really needed in these times is a new bike (bike shops are classed as essential businesses in the UK!) but Carole says I can’t have one until I’ve disposed of one or two of the wrecks that are honestly never going to be on the road again. Then again, I can’t at the moment because recycling centres are shut. Bother.


  2. Do you feel that cycling at this time is a good idea ? I have resigned myself to the turbo trainer


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