My guest post on has been published. “New Year’s Revolutions: The Best of Belgian Cycling for 2015”

This is quite fun, Late last year I was invited to contribute a guest post on cycling for the blog and the forst part has been published today.

Denzil Walton is a freelance wrote and author of some good books of walks in the towns around the Brussels area. He has an excellent blog which has a diverse range of Belgian content from walking to crafts, history and countryside.

He asked me for some ideas on cycling content and I suggested that I quite liked the idea of a New Year piece with some of the cycling things I want to do and see in 2015.

I suspect some of my Belgian cycling friends will rush to tell me about dozens of great rides that I missed, but this was written with a bit of a visitor’s perspective. There will be room for lots more stories on this blog – maybe you just need to invite me for more bike rides.

Anyway here it is, in the first of two parts, with Blue Bikes, city rides, the Limburg Fietsparadijs, Pays de Famenne, and the Forêt de Soignes/Zoniënwoud.