Another Velo-city first? Man flirting with differential axle. Well you had to be there.


I was just checking through my photographs for a few final shots when I came across a short sequence which caught me by surprise.

Officially this was a session where author Carlton Reid was expanding on his recent book and suggesting that without bicycles the car industry as we know it today would not exist.

To help illustrate the point he brought a prop, which he shared with moderator Connie Czymoch. All perfectly fine, but the body language in the photos just took it down a whole different line.

Edited by Kevin Mayne

At some point the video will be streamed. Then you can check whether the words are exactly as I remember them.

Blogging in temporary suspense

Belgian telecoms companies being a law unto themselves I have no internet at home at the moment. It seems it takes as many technicians to get a line to a rural spot as it does cyclists to fix a puncture.

Haven’t quite mastered posting via my Blackberry so I am stuck with the dilemma – start blogging after work or go home to my wife who is struggling to put together a new house?

Hardly a choice is it, but I am building up some nice material for the dark winter nights!

Follow me on twitter @maynekevin but otherwise a cheery holding photo from Brussels – great street art!Mural Rue de Bon Secours