Bike fan? Rubbish week? Need reminding that this isn’t all drugs & road danger? 3 reasons to be cheerful

You need to have your head in the sand to have missed the pretty awful week many bike fans have had. Even travelling in Ukraine the twitter feed and blog posts have been pretty down in the dumps.

But the whole purpose of my blog is to remind me on on the down days that this is the transport of delight, and to try and share.

So it is just as well that this week I have seen three videos that brought me out in the widest smile. Winter may be coming in the north, so if you need just a small pick up to get you out on your bike next week here are three positive films about the sporty side of cycling, each with a little reminder why“I do not despair”

The first time, (see also previous post) the company and the sheer exuberance of cycling.

For more fun videos please go to my video library page where these will end up long term.