Play about the life of cycling legend Beryl Burton to be broadcast in November

Those who have been following my blog since the spring will know that a radio broadcast featuring actress Maxine Peake gave me two great posts.

“Beryl Burton, Radcliffe and Maconie, Working Class Struggle in 30 minutes – Maxine Peake you are my new star” on May 1st

“Books and reflections – Eddie Merckx and Beryl Burton” on May 28th.

This is because Maxine was writing a play about the life of Beryl. I am now absolutely delighted to discover that it is going to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 27th November at 2.15 because maxine was back on the Radcliffe and Maconie show again on Monday.

Link to the show

Interestingly she says it has now become “Beryl – a love story on two wheels” with a strong emphasis on the relationship between Beryl and Charlie. I hope it gets a huge audience, in these awful times for cycle racing Beryl stands out like a beacon. If you don’t know the story have a read of the blog post and buy her biography.

Link to the BBC6 radio show on Monday is available until next Sunday, Maxine Peake is on after about 30 minutes. (And another plug for my favourite show!)

Music, cycling, chat…

Wet day.

A bit hungover (blame the Vancouver Cycle Chic party) .

Got to pack for my cycle tour.


So I clicked over to my favourite radio show, Radcliffe and Maconie on BBC 6 Music to listen to one of last week’s shows. Discovered Wednesday’s guest: Genuine cycling nut, good egg and former Housemartins & Beautiful South singer Paul Heaton was on talking about the 2,500 mile performing tour he did by bike around the UK performing at small venues. Most refreshing, feel better now, might go for a bike ride.

Listen again to the first hour of the show on for the next 4 days. (Until 3 June)

And an excuse to put up some more Tour de France related trivia.

Kraftwerk’s Tour de France – the last song played in the segment.

Come on Bradley!

Beryl Burton, Radcliffe and Maconie, Working Class Struggle in 30 minutes – Maxine Peake you are my new star

Do radio shows get any better than this?

Picture Link Silk (tv program) Wiki

I am quietly minding my own business listening to my favourite radio show on Friday. Radcliffe and Maconie on BBC Radio 6 Music has just my sort of music and chat together with some great guests. As I started listening I wasn’t really alert to Friday’s guest Maxine Peake, vaguely aware she’s an actress.

Charmed in 30 minutes by a really genuine character who was great fun. She already had me won over when she chose “Testimony of Patience Kershaw” by the Unthanks,  a amazing song about working class struggle which she felt summed up some of her views. (Performed on my Music to Ride Bikes By Page)

But then twenty minutes in she announced that she is writing a radio play about cycling legend Beryl Burton for BBC Radio 4 which will hopefully come out in September. Maxine enthused about the BB story based on her autobiography Personal Best – the working class woman from Morley who went on to become a world champion in an era of no support and sponsorship.Beryl Burton - Personal Best Cover

It made me pull “Personal Best” out of the bookcase and start reading as a great postscript to “Half man , half bike” last week, two extraordinary champions in a week. Beryl was a fixture of my formative cycling years, I remember my Mum racing against her, probably mid-late 60s. Everyone was just in awe of what she did but she was just so accessible to club cyclists as she rode the national time trialling scene.

Years later I have had the pleasure of riding with Beryl’s daughter and grandchildren at the CTC Birthday rides. We were up in Dumfries and I still recall Dave Bailey from Sheffield being in awe of the Burton aura, but they were just a nice family enjoying their touring.

Can’t wait for the radio play, I hope it comes off.