Time to relax – food glorious food

I was at Borough Market in London last week, an occasional treat. I just happened to have my camera and the light seemed to bring out the best in the textures. relaxing fare after the hurley burley of the city. So I thought I would share.

An aside from a cycling blog – but I have always said I cycle so I can eat anything.

And the camera captured a forbidden planet of geological features and rocks. As Rolf Harris would say “Can you tell what it is yet?”

The truth is this pile of meringues – too stunning to break the pyramid.

6 thoughts on “Time to relax – food glorious food

    • Thanks – a bit unexpected, I wasn’t planning food photos so I am pleased withe the result


    • Thanks Welna

      Its a Fujifilm E550. It was a “best buy” around 100 quid quite a few years ago. I was thinking of treating myself to a new one now I am blogging but it does get good results.


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