On Sunday we will wear yellow – again!

Yellow hatOne year ago I promised I would wear yellow on my Sunday bike ride to celebrate the first ever British winner of the Tour de France.

I think it is time to dust off the colours again, this time to celebrate Chris Froome which is going to make it an extraordinary double for those of us who have endured years of cycling starvation. My Belgian club probably won’t even register the colour change, but I will know.

I cannot bring myself to celebrate the fact that he carries the brand of the loathsome Murdoch empire but I can’t help but enjoy yet another three weeks of wheeled chess on the roads.

Two more good reasons too – firstly family bragging rights in the in Fantasy Tour de France competition – sorry boys, eat my shorts! Maillot Jaune pour moi.

Fantasy Tour de France

Finally even if Froome was not riding under the British flag (Belgian TV will only call him “the white Kenyan”) I think his win is cause for celebration among another special group of cyclists. Let’s hear it for the nodding donkeys, the people whose style doesn’t leave the purists humming, the upright, those of us who cannot bend like a hairpin and lie sleekly over our handlebars.

Not for us the smooth style of Wiggins or the low frontal area of Cavendish, the silky descending of Nibali.

I was prepared to take Dan Martin as our hero for the year, but let’s face it, Chris Froome is for us.

Bring out your yellow on Sunday and celebrate.

L'Equipe headline page Froome

5 thoughts on “On Sunday we will wear yellow – again!

  1. Really enjoying your blog Kevin! Would make a great book one day – A Brit in Belgium?. I was a bit dubious about Froome’s credentials until I realised I’m a ‘white Kenyan’ too (2nd generation to be born there)!


  2. Yellow – yes! Murdoch – no. You’re one of the very few people who aren’t swallowing the “Sky = Team GB” message. Loathsome indeed! Keep up the good work!


      • To give it a lighter touch – on a warm day I needed to buy a cycling casquette – but they only had pro-tour team hats at the booth. Sky should have been the obvious choice.

        I ended up with an Omega-Pharma-Quickstep. Then I can look a bit Belgian but support Cavendish.


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