Jardins d’Annevoie. Water gardens of Wallonia

Chateau Annevoie Wallonia Belgium

Another enjoyable Belgian summer day out at the Jardins d’Annevoie.

This delightful place is a few kilometres north of Dinant, in the valley of the Meuse as it runs north between the French border and Namur.

Since the eighteenth century the gardens and chateau have been in the hands of the same family who have built an elegant network of gravity fed lakes, ponds, waterfalls and fountains in various styles representing the various fashions of formal gardening in the intervening 250 years.

waterfall Jardins D'Annevoie

Cascade Jardins D'Annevoie Jardins de Annevoie Canal Jardins D'Annevoie FountainIt was tranquil and relaxing when we took friends to visit, like so many places in Belgium it is largely unknown outside the country and only gets busy in the height of summer.

Chateau Annevoie Jardins D'Annevoie and swan Jardins d'Annevoie cascade Jardins D' Annevoie ponds

Wallonia BelgiqueI have to recommend the restaurant with its terrace overlooking the gardens too, the locally caught trout was delicious.

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  1. A page in the Guardian Weekend edition promoting cycling in Belgium. Your doing?

    We are off to the Netherlands next Saturday for our annual bike tour.

    Brian & Marijke


    • Not me Brian – I look forward to reading it.

      Enjoy your trip, I hope it is not as wet as the last one.


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