Lakeside landscapes and villages – Upper Austria’s Attersee

Attersee Sunset

Höllengebirge Attersee

Lakeside house Attersee

I am sure many bloggers and travel writers hit the same problem as me.

I have been home weeks from a trip and published several items about the holiday, especially the cycling and the food. However I keep coming back to a whole library of photographs that are not about one specific anecdote, but together they capture the landscape in my memory. And then I never quite get round to sorting them out because other stories and lack of time intrude.

This is very much the case with this summer’s holiday to Attersee in the beautiful lake district of Upper Austria not far from Salzburg. I have been meaning to gather together a “best of” from my photo collection that actually focuses on the lake and its foreshore because it is a great spot that I want to share, brilliant for our chill out week. A second post in a week or two will try to summarise the cycling, but for now let’s focus on the holiday.

Some of the best shots come from a two hour circular tour on the delightful ferries that chug around the 20km long lake, the Atterseeschifffahrt.

Attersee Schiffahrt Attersee Schiffahrt Weyregg

For practical use they provide a link between the small towns that dot the banks, but I am sure their primary purpose today is tourism. Given that the temperature was heading up to 30 degrees the attraction was to get up early, slap on some sun cream and be gently sailed around the best views in the calm morning light.

Weyregg, Steinbach, Unterach, Nußdorf, Attersee all come and go, sparkling waterfronts, white churches and houses with tumbling flowers hanging from their window boxes.Attersee Salzkammergut Austria - house

The ferry is also particularly good because in many cases the lakefront is private so the best views are closed off to the public.Attersee - house on the lakeside

As well as the ferry rides it only took a short walk or ride into any of the villages to get great views and delightful heritage such as the church in Attersee.Church interior Attersee am Attersee

Attersee am Attersee

Other highlights were the shore-front restaurants and cafes such as this view from Hotel Oberndorfer in Attersee which served up an excellent platter of lake fish in a great location.Hotel Seegasthof Oberndorfer Attersee am Attersee

Another honorable mention to for the Gasthof Wachtberg which instead of capitalising on a lakefront view is set 400 metres up above lake level and offered outstanding local ingredients on a terrace overlooking the scenery.

Gasthof Wachtberg

Wachtberg Gasthof

Given its location at the foot of a small ski-field I can imagine roaring log fires in the snow too. Both these restaurants supported the local food movement Kulinarium I blogged about here so well worth supporting with some custom.

So I hope you enjoy my belated photo-gallery of Attersee in the Salzkammergut of Austria, I can thoroughly recommend it, especially in June which was very much the start of the season for the Austrian holidays and therefore everything was slightly dozy and low key.

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  1. Lovely. I always find some European countries have such…a civilized rural area. Certain (rare) corners of Canada (primarily in the south) have mansions, luxury chalets tucked away in our vast, huge country of wilderness where the moose, bears, deer and bighorn sheep roam.


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