Transport reality in Warsaw at #COP 19

After yesterday’s gloomy evening cycle into the old centre of Warsaw this morning dawns bright and clear.

And with it my hotel room offers a more realistic perspective on rush hour, and the bold cyclists of Warsaw. A scene we could repeat in so many countries.

COP 19 Cop 19

Road bikes and fixies the only ones out there on the boulevard, although to be fair I have seen that other indicator species the cheap mountain bike on the side streets.

Those riders walk across or use the pavements when faced by these big roads.

But look at all that space – it is certainly possible to imagine that cycling infrastructure could be fitted in here. Tomorrow we can ask the politicians!

2 thoughts on “Transport reality in Warsaw at #COP 19

    • There is a media frenzy on this subject in the English language press at the moment. As a former colleague pointed out, the cars have been doing this to pedestrians and cyclists for 100 years, the probable good news is that the cycling world is better now at on line media and getting influential journalistic support since we became a middle class movement.

      But every story like this probably reinforces thousands of people’s view “I could never do that” so we lose critical mass and political support, not to mention the fact that those of us who carry on lose the support of our loved ones.

      You have to cycle 3 times round the world to meet the criteria for average rate of cycling fatalities in the UK and further in most countries.

      So for me its keep up the political pressure but stop scaring people, if we can combine those seemingly impossible aims.

      Be safe!



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