“You couldn’t make it up” cycling moment in Warsaw

Cyclist crossing Warsaw

On my way to today’s transport side meeting of the COP 19 climate negotiations I made a nice discovery.

After a shaky moment or two I discovered a whole network of segregated cycle lanes to the South of Warsaw city centre, eventually heading down towards some the embassies and grand houses on Belwederska. Even a few reasonable junction treatments. Nice to feel welcomed I always say.

segregated cycle lane Warsaw

And at the Hyatt Hotel a very nice security guard spotted me looking lost and guided me proudly to the hotel’s cycle parking. Hey, don’t knock it, this isn’t Amsterdam.

Hyatt Hotel Warsaw cycle parking

However the trip home gave me one of those stupid moments I always remember and will quote for years.

I was riding in the cycle lane when I spotted a van ahead. I grumbled internally and said “it would be ironic if it’s a police van guarding some Climate Summit VIPs”

12 of the buggers no less.

COP 19

I don’t know if they take too well to irony in the Polish Police service. One cop saw my camera and started to work his way down the line towards me so I scarpered.

Climate Ride tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on ““You couldn’t make it up” cycling moment in Warsaw

  1. My first thought was you wouldn’t get too much hassle from motor vehicles in the presence of 12 police vans. My second: climate VIPs probably have all diplomatic immunity anyway and can hassle cyclists all they like. Hope running the gauntlet wasn’t too unpleasant.


    • The streets were quiet and it was hard to imagine why 12 vans might be needed.

      The biggest impact was the reaction of the Polish cyclists who thoroughly enjoyed the photo and I got record blog views from their Facebook links.

      Very unexpected, but fun to discuss the next day at the Climate Ride


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