Snowy Stockholm mornings and bicycles

Stockholm Gamla Stan

We are in a snowy Stockholm, enjoying our first proper sub-zero temperatures of the year, snow and comforting Swedish food.

Lots more storytelling to come, not least wondering how the hardy Stockholm cyclists are coping with the first snows of the year.

Very cautiously seems to be the answer!

Photo by Kevin Mayne


2 thoughts on “Snowy Stockholm mornings and bicycles

  1. blimey 7 05! We were still asleep here thought it was still dark.. excuses excuses but I’ ve got a slow,.* She*’s gone out for 10 mile shopping ride now, ice free and no snow yet in 2014 Enjoyed this year’s bogs ,Kevin, already. keep em going Mick W


    • Good to hear from you Mick. don’t panic – 7.01 your time was 8am in Stockholm and I was already one cup of tea in hand.

      Mind you, sunrise not until 8.30 and minus 7 that’s hard work in the mornings.




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